On The Town Interviews

n 2018 I began doing a series of interviews for Heritage Village video production group, which is known as FOCUS. This page has links to some of those videos. I tried to choose people who had a great story to tell or who were responsible for activities in Southbury area.

Here is an interview with Dr. Vincent deLuise, a retired eye specialist who enjoys lecturing about music and art. Amazing insights on the artists, but here we learn about his life. Click here.

One of my favorites was Leif Bjaland, the music director of the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra. Leif talks about he became passionate about music and being a conductor as well as the many events that provided the springboards of his career: Click Here

My favorite restaurant is Good News Restaurant and Bar. The owner and executive chef is Carole Peck. Carole was in the first class of the Culinary Institute of America that allowed women. Her career has been marked by discrimination. Click Here

Willie Nininger is a fabulous guitar player and entertainer. But the story of how he came to have a successful career due to a chance encounter with Captain Kangaroo is a hoot. Click Here

John Pittari left corporate America decades ago to enter into the new world of organic food with a small store in Woodbury. Now New Morning Store is known throughout Connecticut. A true saga of determination by an entrepreneur spurned by his commitment to healthy living. Click Here